Technology has its pro and cons. It has helped make life easier, but also harder. I use my iPad everyday, for most of the day. I can go on edmodo with it, I've typed up assignments on the go with it, and I can entertain myself with it. Although it is useful, I may or may not abuse the power of the iPad. Okay honestly, I'm a terrible procrastinator, usually finding things to occupy myself so I do assignments at the last minute. 
    I would be better off without iPad. I would probably finish my homework sooner and sleep ealier, but how lame is that? For now, I'll let myself procrastinate. Besides, even though I wait till the last minute to do things, I still do them.
    So remember children, in the words of The Amazing Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility! And a huge power bill.

04/18/2013 4:31pm

That is a horrible attitude. You need to get rid of that iPad and stop procrastinating!


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