On Monday, February 25, some students from my science class and I traveled to San Diego for Sea Camp. When we got there, we were greeted by the staff, unpacked the bus, and had breakfast. The staff were very nice, fun, and knowledgeable. We then went to a beach where we boogie boarded and had an educational beach walk. That night, we also had an invertebrate lab in which we dissected  a squid. The next day, we went on a 4 hour boat ride. On the ride, we saw dolphins and got to touch and hold different fish and lobsters. When we got back, we went saning and scuba diving. While scuba diving, I got to hold a giant sea hare, The sea hare was accompanied by it's mate and we saw it eggs, too. The sea hare had such an odd texture but I enjoyed holding it. It is now one of my favorite animals. Later in the evening, we did a fish lab where we learned about the taxonomy of fish and dissected one. On the last day of our trip, we went kayaking and got to experience an expolsion in the population of moon jellyfish. We were able to reach into the water and touch and pick up the jellies. Our group also went to Sea World on our last day. I was sad to leave and treasured the learning experience we gained. I hope to go to a camp like that again in the future.

seacamp.com for more information.

03/06/2013 3:42pm

You're so proper with your grammar. Well done.


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