This past Sunday, A few of my language arts classmates and I flew to San Antonio to do a student showcase at ISTE 2013. It was exciting to learn about the new programs and devices being presented by the companies. The most educational experience for me was presenting. At first, I was nervous, but then I got the hang of talking to the people in attendance. I believe that they appreciated the knowledge we shared with them, such as the app brochures and the idea of keeping a website as an online portfolio.

Presenting really helped my social skills and it felt great knowing that the educators were learning something from me. My job at ISTE was to tell people who the techEteens were and what they did. I was also given the honor of hauling our big banner around until show time.

My favorite part of ISTE was going around and learning about new programs that incorporated technology in the classroom. The programs were very cool and I even got to know about an educational version of Minecraft!

Hanging out with my classmates was my favorite part of the whole trip. We did loads of fun activities together and I felt that our friendship got stronger. My favorite activity that we did was a haunted adventure. It was really scary but also a fun adrenaline rush.

Overall, the trip to ISTE was far greater than my expectations. It's sad though that it was the last time I would work with my language arts teacher, Mrs. Fields. The skills she has taught me will be very useful in my later education. I now have platforms to do assignments I never thought were possible. The things I learned this year expand my knowledge greatly, and I have Mrs. Fields to thank for that.

Where there's a web, there's a way.

-The title of our student showcase, thought up by Mrs. Fields.

The techEteens!
The techEteens student showcase!
ISTE was packed!
The techEteens talk to ISTE goers.

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