Why do some people bully? Why do people feel the need to bring down others, to hurt them physically, emotionally, or mentally? These bullies could be victims of abuse themselves or just sadistic people. Either way, bullying should not be tolerated anywhere under any circumstance. 
    Bullying is a serious problem in almost every school. The sad thing is that it's difficult to stop. The bullies themselves must be stopped but sometimes they are too persistant. Victims of bullying often experience stress, anxiety, panic attacks, self-esteem issues, depression and sometimes commit suicide. 
    Give your opinion on bullying and how you think we can stop it in the comments.


05/02/2013 10:58am

You are right bullying should not be allowed. It is not good to make people feel bad about themselves no matter what you feel in return. People need to step up and make the world better by stopping bullying.

05/10/2013 9:34pm

Yeah, why do people bully? Well most of the time, boys/girls who bully, do it because they are going through something horrible at home, they don't feel loved, or maybe whatever they do to innocent kids is done to the bullies at home too. Then they feel like they to take all that anger against innocent kids.
And yeah, that is wrong, and this has to stop!


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