This past Sunday, A few of my language arts classmates and I flew to San Antonio to do a student showcase at ISTE 2013. It was exciting to learn about the new programs and devices being presented by the companies. The most educational experience for me was presenting. At first, I was nervous, but then I got the hang of talking to the people in attendance. I believe that they appreciated the knowledge we shared with them, such as the app brochures and the idea of keeping a website as an online portfolio.

Presenting really helped my social skills and it felt great knowing that the educators were learning something from me. My job at ISTE was to tell people who the techEteens were and what they did. I was also given the honor of hauling our big banner around until show time.

My favorite part of ISTE was going around and learning about new programs that incorporated technology in the classroom. The programs were very cool and I even got to know about an educational version of Minecraft!

Hanging out with my classmates was my favorite part of the whole trip. We did loads of fun activities together and I felt that our friendship got stronger. My favorite activity that we did was a haunted adventure. It was really scary but also a fun adrenaline rush.

Overall, the trip to ISTE was far greater than my expectations. It's sad though that it was the last time I would work with my language arts teacher, Mrs. Fields. The skills she has taught me will be very useful in my later education. I now have platforms to do assignments I never thought were possible. The things I learned this year expand my knowledge greatly, and I have Mrs. Fields to thank for that.

Where there's a web, there's a way.

-The title of our student showcase, thought up by Mrs. Fields.

The techEteens!
The techEteens student showcase!
ISTE was packed!
The techEteens talk to ISTE goers.
Most people are born with the five senses; sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. Some few are born without one or more of these. In this blog, we were asked which one we would give up. If I had to choose a sense to give up, I would choose my sense of smell.
I believe that our sense of smell is least important. Sometimes, there are things that smell unpleasant and you wish you couldn't smell it. I also chose the sense of smell to give up because I like to read and watch films, I absolutly adore listening to music, I love food, and not being able to feel is dangerous.
These are my opinions on the five senses, feel free to share yours in the comments.

    Technology has its pro and cons. It has helped make life easier, but also harder. I use my iPad everyday, for most of the day. I can go on edmodo with it, I've typed up assignments on the go with it, and I can entertain myself with it. Although it is useful, I may or may not abuse the power of the iPad. Okay honestly, I'm a terrible procrastinator, usually finding things to occupy myself so I do assignments at the last minute. 
    I would be better off without iPad. I would probably finish my homework sooner and sleep ealier, but how lame is that? For now, I'll let myself procrastinate. Besides, even though I wait till the last minute to do things, I still do them.
    So remember children, in the words of The Amazing Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility! And a huge power bill.
    Why do some people bully? Why do people feel the need to bring down others, to hurt them physically, emotionally, or mentally? These bullies could be victims of abuse themselves or just sadistic people. Either way, bullying should not be tolerated anywhere under any circumstance. 
    Bullying is a serious problem in almost every school. The sad thing is that it's difficult to stop. The bullies themselves must be stopped but sometimes they are too persistant. Victims of bullying often experience stress, anxiety, panic attacks, self-esteem issues, depression and sometimes commit suicide. 
    Give your opinion on bullying and how you think we can stop it in the comments.

    To be innovative is to think up new and creative ideas. These ideas would be advanced and original. Some innovators go against mordern ideas or customs because they strongly believe more in their idea. Innovators are usually the people that come up with new inventions and theories. These people are the ones who "think outside the box" or the ones that break the rules and do things their way.
    An example of an innovator is Nicolaus Copernicus. He expanded on the heliocentric theory, the theory that everything revolves around the sun. He promoted and believed in that theory though it was widely belived that everything revolves aroung the Earth. Even though he was shunned for believing in the theory and it was against his own religion, he still believed in it. 
Podcasting is easy and fun. There are some things you should follow so that your audience is engaged n the podcast the entire time.
Do use nice background music but make sure not to make it too loud.
Don't make your podcast too long for the audience may lose intrest.
Do speak in a loud and clear voice.
Don't use a voice that ma be unappealing to listeners such as raspy voices.
Do have an interesting topic.
An argumentive essay is an essay in which you are given two sides.  You then have to pick one side and support your decision with facts and list the disadvantages of the other side. Our upcoming QWA is said to be an argumentive essay.  A topic I would like to debate on is which superhero is better, Superman or Batman. This topic interests me and I know about the 2 characters. Usually, the topics givin are boring, un-apealing to kids, and un-interesting.
The two stories, both non-fiction, "Walking With Living Feet" and "Camp Harmony" are both about experiences in containment camps. In the story "Walking With Living Feet", a girl shares her thoughts after visiting some concentration camps with her class in Poland. She describes how similar her shoes and the shoes collected from the prisoners are and how she felt sorrow towards the people who were close to any of those shoes owners. The story "Camp Harmony" is actually a recount of a girl's first days in an internment camp. The girl was Japanese-American and her story takes place during WWII. 
On Monday, February 25, some students from my science class and I traveled to San Diego for Sea Camp. When we got there, we were greeted by the staff, unpacked the bus, and had breakfast. The staff were very nice, fun, and knowledgeable. We then went to a beach where we boogie boarded and had an educational beach walk. That night, we also had an invertebrate lab in which we dissected  a squid. The next day, we went on a 4 hour boat ride. On the ride, we saw dolphins and got to touch and hold different fish and lobsters. When we got back, we went saning and scuba diving. While scuba diving, I got to hold a giant sea hare, The sea hare was accompanied by it's mate and we saw it eggs, too. The sea hare had such an odd texture but I enjoyed holding it. It is now one of my favorite animals. Later in the evening, we did a fish lab where we learned about the taxonomy of fish and dissected one. On the last day of our trip, we went kayaking and got to experience an expolsion in the population of moon jellyfish. We were able to reach into the water and touch and pick up the jellies. Our group also went to Sea World on our last day. I was sad to leave and treasured the learning experience we gained. I hope to go to a camp like that again in the future.

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In our recent weekly digital assignment, we were asked to document the standards covered in our project. The stadards are from the CCSS and the NETS. Documenting these standards will show the things we go over in our work. I had no idea teachers had to incorperate these standards into their lesson plan. It is a very long list of standards to cover.